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Aramai adopts some
Chinese philosophies
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The Inspirational
Life of Peter Ramster

Peter Ramster's life has been an extraordinary one and holds many valuable insights into life and what life is about. A film on his life is being made and a book is to be released this year.

Peter Ramster’s latest film is a film on consciousness. Consciousness is like a beacon that suggests something special exists in this material world. For millennia it has engendered mystery and questions about ourselves. But there has been a tendency of the world to believe what is desired to be believed, to choose what is comfortable.
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Reincarnation is a Fact of Life.

If you desire to see real evidence for life after
death & reincarnation read these books.


Peter Ramster's difficult to attain first book 'The Truth About Reincarnation' is now rereleased in a new edition and is available through this site. It contains details of his evidential reincarnation research as well as insight into life after death, the meaning and purpose of life and existence beyond death. It is a must read as a forerunner to his later books, especially his later incredibly evidential work titled 'The Search for Lives Past'.

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The Search for Lives Past
Extraordinary Research and Insight into Reincarnation and Life after Death.

This is Peter Ramster's second book on reincarnation. In the early 1970s Peter Ramster began to check the stories told to him by his patients. It was the beginning of a long period of reincarnation research which was to take him all over the world. Eventually he began to work with volunteers as well as clients who were interested in the subject. The details of their recall were checked. Some people were taken across the world to the countries of their recall, to places never before visited in this life, to help trace the reality of their hypnotic past life recall. The results were astounding and are recorded in this book. There is probably no similar research carried out anywhere which has brought such strong evidence and such positive results. The book is a powerful reminder that there remains much yet to be understood about human existence. It is a book which brings hope and meaning to life, as well as powerful evidence for life after death. It follows on from his earlier book The Truth of Reincarnation, which as well as outlining case histories, details what people remember about the world beyond death.
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The Code of Aramai (Volume Two) - An amazing book on dreams.

Dreams offer a communication to the inner self and a route to guidance on an amazing scale. 200 years of research, including the research of author and retired psychologist Peter Ramster has brought us to a new and empowering understanding of dreams as outlined in these books. A fantastic read. A valuable insight.

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Self Awareness - Free Book Download.

This is a free book about self awareness and self development that informs you about the possible ways you can develop


An Amazing Book on Dreams
The Code of Aramai - Volume One

Dreams link to many topics but an especially important one is sexuality as sexuality factors in so many aspects of life. This book shows how dreams link to sexuality and romance and how dreams can advise us in this regard.


There are different ways in which the mind can affect the body. Psychological stress for instance can exacerbate skin rash. Palpitations, sweating, heart rate and other bodily functions can be affected by stress. Some work with meditation found cancer treatment to be aided by such practices. The old saying 'use it or lose it' is sometimes associated with the brain and intellectual function. The brain is said to be plastic. After damage, use of the brain helps to bring us back to normal. We can re-learn, The extent of mind brain interaction is a focus of interest for Aramai Global. We also have a deep interest in the unconscious mind and how it affects us. We also have an interest in unconscious memory and ways of bringing that memory back to consciousness. A further interest is the alternation of consciousness and what factors influence that. The mind is a largely unexplored frontier. It is a main focus for Aramai Global.

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This site is run entirely by volunteers and presently meets all its costs by small donations and the sale of ebooks. It does a community service, but to continue to grow and operate we need to continue to obtain donations. If you can donate please help. Even just a dollar or two would help if you have it. Thanks for visiting our site.

Aramai runs limited insightful classes on self development, which also give insight into yoga in its different forms, spiritual awareness, human sexuality, and how we understand and overcome the things that impede us.

If  you would like to join one of our groups or classes or would like to learn more about our present classes and groups either complete the form below or phone us. We can let you know what groups or classes are available or when the next one begins. For those outside Australia you can join our group via the internet through our webcast. You can either simply watch or you can partake as a member of the group, as our webbcasts are interactive.

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