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Amazing Developments in the Field of Computing

Published by Peter Ramster in May 2012 · 10/5/2012 12:44:10

A new development promises great things for the future. The University of Sydney writes "An international team including the University of Sydney's Dr Michael Biercuk have developed a sub millimetre sized ion-crystal that enables a computer to perform analogue calculations that currently stump the world's most powerful supercomputers. The results were published in the journal Nature on 26 April 2012."Computing technology has taken a huge leap forward using a crystal with just 300 atoms suspended space in a two-dimensional triangular crystal," said Dr Biercuk, from the University's School of Physics and ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems.

"The system we have developed has the potential to perform calculations that would require a supercomputer larger than the size of the known universe - and it does it all in a diameter of less than a millimetre," said Dr Biercuk.

The team Dr Biercuk worked with, including scientists from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, Georgetown University in Washington, North Carolina State University and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa, has produced a specialised kind of quantum computer known as a 'quantum simulator'."

Click here for the link to the University of Sydney article.

Secrets Understood About the Universe.
(Taken from the University of Sydney Website)

The red giant stars of our galaxy lose many times the entire mass of the Earth, every year. The solution of the mass loss problem has profound implications across astronomy and beyond. The majority of the chemical elements critical to the formation of earth-like planets and life come from the winds driven from dying red giant stars. That means the Earth and everybody living on it are quite literally made of the stardust.  Astronomers from the Australian Astronomical Observatory, Paris Observatory and the University of Manchester also contributed to the research.

From Aramai's perspective, the implications of this are interesting, as it highlights the anomaly of human consciousness. If we simply consist of a rearrangement of the dust particles coming from distant disintegrating stars, how can we have consciousness? It points to the fact that consciousness must come from elsewhere. For the full article on the stars look at the University of Sydney website, and go to the science faculty page.

The Latest Film

Over the past week we have been involved with filming the latest film. It looks at life after death, reincarnation and what life is all about. Much of the film is about the research and findings of the past thirty years. In addition to myself it involves other people in the field of research including people from overseas. The film also looks at consciousness, something that cannot be accounted for by matter alone. The film is in its early days at this time with approximately one third of the filming having taken place. Further filming is to be undertaken in the USA before all is completed. Editing of the film has begun and will run in parallel with the filming process. it is expected to be completed towards the end of the year.

Why is Spirituality so Important to Life?

Spirituality is more than just believing in God; it is the foundation for life having a meaning and a purpose. It has different facets. One is the recognition that life goes on after death. Another is understanding how we should be in terms of our natures. If we follow this understanding then the world becomes a far better place. Spirituality demands that we become gentler in nature, kinder in our disposition, more helpful to others, forgiving, peace loving and considerate. The rewards of the world becoming like this would be far reaching to all people on the planet. We also begin to understand that there is a reason for being here. There are many experiences that life has to offer, both good and bad, that make us wiser, more understanding, more enlightened and overall, better people. All these things help to make a better world. The technological advancements make life more interesting and easy to cope with, more easy to do different things, like travel. The educational advancements make us wiser people, but education is needed in different ways. The spiritual knowledge, that today enjoys much evidential support, is the thread that links all things together, and provides meaning to life. All people undergo experiences in life. These experiences enrich our lives. Most people become wiser as a result. If we at death, cease to exist in any way at all, life overall, has little or no meaning, little or no purpose. But if we continue to exist after death, and we take our gained knowledge with us, then life has meaning for each individual. We leave this world wiser, and therefore as better people than when we came. There has been a worthwhile purpose for coming here.

If you Don't Understand the Truth of Reincarnation, You Don't Understand the Truth of Life.

Research into reincarnation, into past life memory, has shown that such memories sometimes hold the key to understanding present day problems. Such research has also shown that a greater understanding of one's present life can come from accurately recalling one's past lives, and also that present happenings and experiences are somehow linked to past lives and past experiences, and that present day people, such as family and friends, are people we have lived with before, and experienced things with before, in previous lives. The evidence for this being real comes from the hard evidence found, such as people being cured of lifelong afflictions through past life recall, people knowing there way in places never before visited except in past life memory, records showing recall is accurate, and so forth. Reincarnation is the basis for understanding life and is the most important understanding you can have. From that understanding flows the importance of spirituality and the overall understanding of life.

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